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Company in line with customer as the center, adhering to the as far as possible to reduce the cost, mutual benefit and win-win, improve the service system for the business philosophy, the company in a professional, fashion, innovation is a comprehensive office system services company, mainly engaged in paper, office supplies, office equipment, computer accessories and supplies, such as a series of and office appliances and related business of professional services companies. Take a one-stop service, free delivery and return for goods and so on, let your daily work more time-saving and labor-saving.
The company in line with to the customer as the center, adhering to the as far as possible to reduce the cost, mutual benefit and win-win progress, improve the service system for the business philosophy, to professional, fashion, innovation of brand positioning, with the same service than price, the same price than the service for the purpose, do a good brand, let every customer are blooming satisfied smile. We are constantly trying to serve the city's major enterprises and institutions and a large number of Foreign capital company. With rich professional knowledge, the most preferential prices and quality service to win the praise of many customers.
Specific services are as follows:
1 the company according to each customer's requirements, the implementation of the purchase, distribution, delivery of one-stop service. Configure delivery vehicles and a large number of delivery staff for each distribution point (to be two per person). After the receipt of customer orders and confirm, city, Songjiang range generally within two hours door-to-door, such as the urgent need to please customers specific expedited delivery time, the company will be in the range to meet customer requirements, cut do not charge any urgent expenses. If it is some very goods, no inventory or insufficient, we are with the fastest speed to complete and send to customers.
2. Our company is also equipped with a special procurement department, designed for customers to solve difficult purchasing activities (rare foreign brand and non office supplies), or purchasing items (do not charge any money for their services), in short, and strive to maximize meet customer needs.
3 for the goods purchased by the company if found quality problems can be replaced, if the goods for non quality problems, as long as there is no damage within the scope, the company can change.
4 we will be based on market changes, the monthly list of the latest changes in prices to provide customers with reference to facilitate the timely adjustment of the procurement plan (the company will do our best to stabilize prices).
5. The company at the end of each month from inventory reconciliation, in the five months before the invoice, issued a list when attached to a copy of the customer table, customers can according to the situation of the company's services to fill out, to our company put forward your suggestion or advice, the company will according to your present problems to make corresponding adjustment, in next month for the same problem again.

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